Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Notice Board - Citizen's / NGO's

This is general notice board for Citizen's / NGO's to post their Comments/Suggestions.


  1. Executive Engineer KUWSDBJune 24, 2009 at 6:21 PM

    This is to inform that laying of 1118mm dia M.S pipeline is in progress under JN-NURM project.
    Now, Laying of pipeline is taken up along M.G Road and this will cross across Narayanashastry road near T.S Siddappa Square(Circle) and road cutting for this is taken up on 25/06/2009. Hence, publics are requested to use alternate road and co-operate for progress of work.
    Inconvenience caused is highly regretted.

  2. Dear Fellow Citizen's/NGO's,

    I felt like posting a very important development of the last week using this unique platform to all Citizen's/NGO's at Mysore.

    I did participate in an important meeting at the Institution of Engineers, Mysore Local Centre on Sunday 28th June'09 with regard to a Launching of a Forum for Professional and Engineers. It is a welcome development. There are inherent self defeating approaches of having individualist and reactive projections.We need to be cautious and make it a team work. A shift to the community level PROCESS strengthening is the way out for the JnNURMS for Mysore.

    The basis for this perception is that a simple analysis of one year local and state news papers at Mysore which reveal more trend of an attack on the projects by simply pooling information in the public domain.This need to be reversed.

    I feel a recent communication by the I(E) Mysore Local Centre to MCC on the SWM and willingness of the Institution of Engineers to get involved with the 686 Booth Committtes in segregation of MSW at source is one good move in that direction. Shri C N Babu, Chairman, I(E) Mysore Local Centre announced this in the same meeting where M P Shri A H Vishwanath participated.

    I appeal all the engineers over 1600 under I(E)Mysore list to be part of the this unique effort by registering their names with Er C N Babu, Chairman, I(E) Mysore Local Centre. Tel : 0-0821-2421168


    Er Venkataramaiah Jagannatha
    Mysore Local Committe Member, I(E) Mysore
    ISRO Environmental Engineer &
    Professor, HUDCO Chair, SIUD ATI Campus Mysore

  3. Dear Citizens,

    Welcome to the JNNURM project blogsite! We the 'team NURM' are trying our best to implement the JNNURM project as per the schedule.

    Though there have been some hicupps in the starting, the project, currently is 'on track' and expected to be completed as per the scheduled date of December, 31st, 2012.

    In a democratic setup, needless to say, the co-operation from public is very crucial to the implementation of any project. In JUNNURM also, we request the citizens to kindly co-operate with us, in not just putting up with the inconvenince during the project period, but to watch us closely, correct if we go wrong and encourage when we are on track!

    We are trying our best to make every detail about the project transparent, and involve the stake holders in the decision making process.

    We hold open review meetings every week,(Wednesday, 9am, Old council Hall, MCC) probably the first of its kind in the entire country. A project worth 1800 crores is being publically reviwed every week!

    We put the meeting proceedings in this blog. Soon we will be hosting the financial details also in the blog. We will also have the details of the progress-committed by the Implementing agencies (IA), and the actual progress made.

    We would like to thank the citizens of Mysore, the City Council, the other elected representatives for their support to the project.

    The unflinched support and encouragement from the Distruct In-charge minister Ms. Shobha Karandlaje, and the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Karnataka will lead us to our goal, completing JNNURM projects by 2012!

    With warm regards,

    Special officer.
    Team NURM-Mysore.
    096633.69333 (sms only)

  4. Dear P.Manivannan Sir,

    Sincere thanks to you on behalf of all right thinking Mysoreans about the convincing way your good self could steer the Hiccups on JnNURMS project today. Any wise mind would have hailed you at MCC old council hall.I think much of the wasteful public time & myths have been rested in peace.

    I wish that all the elected representatives at Mysore give you the much needed support in a sustained way. I am now 52 years old in Mysore district and over 43 years old to Mysore City & am convinced that only Social Commitment(SC) & Scientific Temperament(ST) minds can provide the required stewardship to Mysore.

    Today, Mayor MCC, MP Mysore and MLAs and Ex-MLC and Corporators present with support has just upheld it.

    With best wishes to all members of Team NURM family at Mysore.



  5. Mr.Mannivannan,
    First of all I wud like to thank you for creating a platform for citizens to air our views.
    I am a resident of Ramakrishnanagar, last mid night around 1.30 am, I noticed that some labours were carrying out the work of laying water supply pipeline (display board mentioned the names of M.C.C & KUWS&DB), I appreciate the concern of the officials to complete the work at war footing. But how wise is it to disturb the sleep of surrounding people? And when the labours are pressed to work in night shifts, even you concerned officials are supposed to work in 3 shifts? Is it fair on your part Mr.Manivannan? Please do take suitable action.


  6. Dear sir,
    its a very good & nice designing, adding contents & giving more details about Jnnurm, photos... its really good....


  7. Thanks for Your compliments sir, Sir if u can post your name ,phone no, address ( Which cross and house no. in Ramakrishnanagar) we will be able to contact you in personal and find a solution for it. Sorry for the inconvenience caused

  8. Dear Sir,

    I have 2 questions:

    1. Roads and pavements all over Mysore City are being dug up for laying water pipelines under various JnNURM projects. After laying the pipelines, NONE of these roads are being restored to their original conditions. Many of these roads were repaired and resurfaced only a few months ago by MCC. Similarly under the Chief Minister's Rs.100 Crore project, pavements and roads are being dug up for rebuiling storm water drains. Here too, the footpaths have become unwalkable and roads treacherous due to huge humps at point of SWD intersections. My question is who is responsible for repairing these roads and who will foot this bill???

    2. Please clarify whether funds under JnNURM is coming to City of Mysore or to Mysore City Corporation?
    We are under the impression that MCC is just another implementing agency like KSRTC, KSWSSB, KSCB etc. If MCC is going to look after only 65 muncipal wards excluding non revenue areas (such as revenue sites) and MUDA areas not yet handed over to MCC then who is going to take care of the areas not covered by MCC??

    Thanks in advance and anticipating an early reply.

    Yours truly


  9. I am trying to sort out property tax calculation for our property at kotwal ramaiah Street and also at Devraj Urs street for the last two weeks. One property is fully tenanted generating less than 2 lakhs per year rental and the other is lying closed for last over 10 years. The property tax department is totally unhelpful and despite knowing the real status, demanding over 40 lakhs as tax. The site for property tax calculation on the website does not open. Is there any recourse? Are there no property tax consultants in this city?

    B.T. Mallya

  10. Am managing a community page in facebook related to mysore ..where we have more than 2300 members .. Our suggestion is to introduce street wall paintings to eradciate wallposters in the city .. just as BBMP as done in bangalore ... plss check this link ..http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=140323&id=116019719818&ref=mf

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