Sunday, June 21, 2009

Opinion on JnNURM Projects

This is a blog where you can post your valuable comments on JnNURM Projects.


  1. Good to c such a wonderful concept in Govt. sectors. Wish u al de best for IT Team & JnNURM team.

    Savitha S.

  2. Congratulations on having a blog spot. Appreciate the way Govt is catching up with Tech.

    Why are development/improvement of roads not on agenda of Nurm? I went through the WIP and under approval and do not find mention of roads except for ring road and Blr-Mys road.

  3. Dear Sharath,

    Plis inform the Commissioner and SE to check the blog on daily basis and reply to the queries from the citizens. The response shall be prompt, and that will decide the succcess of this initiative.


  4. Executive EngineerJune 22, 2009 at 11:52 AM

    Dear Citizens,

    Under Remodelling of distribution water supply system, the feeder main and trunk main laying works is under progress alround the city. The Maximum effort is being taken to lay the pipeline to the extreme end of the road and to avoid public inconvenience. Only in the inevitable circumstances like no space to lay the line on the footpath due to already existing utilities like water supply lines, UGD lines, Telephone cables, trees etc., the pipes are being laid on the road. However, adequate safety measures have been taken. Still the citizen’s co-operation is earnestly requested and it is regretted for the inconvenience caused.

  5. Dear Colleagues,

    I need to learn more on the ongoing projects. Wish to attend the t'morrow meeting.

    Do I need to take permission to attend the meeting?

    With Best wishes,

    Member, Booth Committee # 198

    Prof; Er V Jagannatha
    HUDCO Chair, SIUD ATI Campus Mysore
    (Scientist/Engineer-SE,CMD ISRO Hq)
    Mobile : 9448050595
    e-mail :

  6. Public can attend the meeting only on 3rd Wednesday of Every month.

  7. It is good initiative done by jnnurm team.
    Can anybody tell about status of ring road 6-lane implementation as it approved way back and no work is seen.


  8. Ya its a good initiative done by Jnnurm team, where we can add our comments/suggestions. Thank you for giving this options to public's.

    In yesterday meeting they decided to play cricket on july 5th.
    Is it necessary? I did not expect this.

    Raghavendra Rao,
    Sr. Citizen of Mysore

  9. Dear Nurmites,

    Nice to learn about CRICKET match;

    GAME WISE ; As a fast medium bowler during 1976-81 played cricket for NIE, Mysore and two years as its captain ; 1982-84 played Inter IIT & East zone inter varsity Criket representing IIT Khargpur(WB),1984-2005 played cricket for ISRO hq as an all rounder and captain in few state league matches and ISRO intercentre tournaments.

    Sustinable Mysore Urban Cricketwise ; SELECTED Innings; one of the 28 Member reviewed CDP for MUDA by Mysore Environment Trust 1992, 1995 Mysore lakes conservation plan at Tsuchira, Japan for UNEP/ILEC, 1996 ICEE Beijing on Sustainable Community level SWM, U N University Planning Member, IC-MFA-IBS focus on EST for SMW at Mysore, Worked out 2003-04 Lake Management Plan for Mysore as Lake Management Expertfor ADB Project through KUIDFC, 2003 Nirmala Nagar IEC at Mysore as a coordinator for KRVP, One of the course coordinator for NURMS executives training at ATI,Mysore 2009, Coordinator for a 322 weekly eco-literacy at k hally lake,Mysore.

    .. I fee like playing for NURMS team being a GOI & GOK employee at Mysore. or play for public in true spirit of a volunteer in eco-litercay at community levels. ....

    I promise not to injure batsman by bouncers as I did few times about 33 years ago !


    Prof Er V Jagannatha

  10. This is with reference to the prevailing dusty roads in the mysore city limits.The Chamaraja double road was supposed to be beautified under JNNURM. I still find no difference between the present road and the previous one.In fact the previous one was much better with sealed pavements.After the completion of drainage works along the road,I suppose the concerned authorities have failed to clear the debris along the footpath and also the work is very shoddy.There seems to be no progress in the completion of the road from the Ramaswamy circle to the law court road.The road is lying idle for over a month now,and now with the rains getting revived there leaves a little scope for construction activities to materialize.I am hopeful that Mr Manninvanan after his classes at detroit on city planning will realize the urgent need for having clean and neat roads with efficient traffic management.

    With regards
    Akash F Patil

  11. Quality of roads being laid on kanthraj urs road dont seem to be of great standards.
    Wait for 6 months and the road will show up.
    Foothpaths still arent laid at all on MG road near RTO circle but the road is surfaced.

    lost all hopes........ Seems like only KSRTC is doin well.....

    Mysore city corporation must learn from Mangalore city corporation.

  12. Wish all the JNNURM projects complete in time and let it be useful for Mysoreans.

  13. all the best your project be came,,, i am very happy because i saw the so many project around the city but you are enveronmental friendly.

  14. Kindly bring the road to its original condition immediately after the work is over. See how you have left the roads all over the city!

  15. Wats the latest news on JnNURM, no updates in website nor in blog.. Projects are completed?